Grand Lodge of Hawaii F&AM

Policy Regarding Social Media

The Grand Lodge of Hawaii recognizes that social media has grown exponentially in recent years and has a goal of supporting the regular and extensive use of it. We know that many Brethren regularly connect by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other means. We as Masons must be mindful that our individual postings not only reflect our own character but that of Freemasonry across this Grand Jurisdiction.

Social Media Policy

-A Mason should conduct himself with the same courtesy he would in front of the general public.

-As a Mason, he must be aware that his postings are a permanent record; therefore, his conduct may influence the world with a positive or negative opinion about himself personally and about the organizations to which he belongs.

-A Mason should never use disparaging comments, profanity, etc. when posting directly towards the Craft in General, another brother or his family. Masons are encouraged to take the higher road in life, be respectful, polite, and reasonably articulate your differences without resorting to personal attacks.

-Masonic pages are to be supportive of the organization and its members, promote upcoming events, discuss past events, video sharing, and discussion of times of fellowship and promotion of Masonic bodies.

-A Mason should not use social media to contact other Grand Jurisdictions for official reasons or Lodge business unless you are a member of that jurisdiction or are authorized by the Grand Master to do so. Remember that all official inter-jurisdictional communication is, by Masonic protocol, conducted by and between Grand Lodge offices.

-A Mason should pay close attention that his views and comments do not cast an unfavorable light upon the Craft or speaking as a representative of the Craft.

-Nothing should ever be disclosed relative to the business/discussions/actions of a lodge which have occurred behind tiled doors regarding information that has been given to him strictly in confidence. For example….. information regarding applications, results of balloting, lodge finances, etc…

-Masons are encouraged to whisper good counsel to a Brother if something he has posted is improper within the framework of our Grand Constitution, Rules and Regulations, etc.

Ultimately, your actions as a Mason online should promote the highest standards of morality and integrity. You should always be mindful of the penalties as described in the Grand Constitution relating to trial, suspension, and/or expulsion for any un-Masonic behavior. Posting a comment related to the Fraternity and then posting a disparaging comment about a social or political stance can easily be misconstrued by readers that your stance is representative of Masonry and all Masons. Remember that the public and members of the Masonic Fraternity are reading your posts online.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Grand Secretary. We encourage you to be a positive and proactive force for projecting Freemasonry in the world!