How do I join?

About Freemasonry

Becoming A Mason

Not just a man, A Mason

Perhaps you have asked yourself if you are ready to join our ancient craft of Freemasonry. Perhaps you haven’t, but would like to see what is needed of you in order to join.

Although it is a privilege to be a member of the fraternity, many people find it surprising that the first in joining Freemasonry is simply to ask a Mason.

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To be one Mason, you have to ask one. Why? Because you have to join on your own free will and accord. No one from a lodge can legally ask you to join. It has to be your own decision. Your own desire. Your own action.

If you know someone who is a Mason, he will gladly get you a petition to join a lodge. If you don’t know one, then it would be best to check out a lodge nearest you. Someone will gladly give you the information you need.
Aside from asking a Mason, you will also have to fulfill the following requirements:

• You have to be a man of lawful age (18 years old in this jurisdiction)
• You must profess a belief in a Supreme Being

**Now that you know what it takes to join, you might want to visit a lodge sometime soon. Click through the lodge web links below to find a lodge that best fits you.


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