Grand Lodge Annual Awards

Congratulations to Worshipful Bro. Mark P. Leo PM on being awarded the Grand Lodge of Hawaii, Mason of the Year Award. The Mason of the Year Award is presented to a Mason of the Hawaii Masonic Jurisdiction who exemplifies leadership through lodge participation and jurisdictional involvement. The recipient of this award has helped the Hawaii Masonic Jurisdiction envision the future, identify paths to success, and help carry out a vision. This mason has exhibited integrity, collaboration, and intellectual, emotional, and social growth.


Congratulations to Worshipful Bro. Lee Meyerson PM on being awarded the Grand Lodge of Hawaii Secretary of the Year Award. The Secretary of the year is someone who is a proven administrator and representative of their Craft Lodge. He adds continuity to the Officers line, while discharging his duties with efficiency and fidelity. A consideration is his ability to assist the officers, more especially the Master, during their term of office. The Secretary should never be overbearing, but offer advice and counsel when requested, to enhance the Lodge of which he is a member. The promotion of his Lodge, its precepts, aims and purposes, should be in the forefront of this Secretary’s mind.