As the coronavirus pandemic continues to touch lives across the country and around the world, we’re constantly looking for new ways to keep our members feeling healthy, safe, and supported.

Our best way to slow the spread of this virus and give our health care professionals a chance to find a vaccine is to stay at home. We know that many are feeling the emotional and mental weight of this moment — you’re not alone.

Until this passes there are several things we can do to help out one another as well as ourselves. Even the simplest of tasks can help us all thrive together even while we’re apart.

Until it does, here are a few ideas and tips to try: Pick up the phone and call your Masonic brethren and loved ones. A simple check-up can do much to help relieve feelings of stress.

Our Lodges have taken it upon themselves to implement a variety of independent strategies to connect with their members during this time of need. Likewise, if you are in need of help, we suggest that you reach out to your Masonic Lodge immediately.

In addition to the variety of resources that can be found through your own Masonic Lodge, the Aloha Shriners has started a Facebook supply swap if you are in need of specific supplies or if you have something available to share.

Link to Supply Swap:


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