Annual Communication Registration

*Delegates include sitting Grand Masters, Grand Master’s Personal Representatives and sitting Grand Secretaries
and should register via “Delegate Registration.” All others should register via “General Attendee Registration.” You are also welcome to register offline by downloading the registration for below.

Online Registration

Register and Pay Online

Traditional Registration

Mail in your Registration Form and Check.
  • Friday, April 20, 2018

    10:00am Registration opens
    11:00am Grand Lodge officers’ Practice
    1:00pm Opening of Grand Lodge
    Reception of American Flag / Pledge of Allegiance
    Reception of GLOH Past Grand Masters
    Introduction of visiting dignitaries
    Grand Master’s Message
    Memorial / Necrology Report
    Grand Treasurer’s Annual Report
    Grand Secretary’s Annual Report
    Finance Committee / Budget Report
    Beginning of proposed legislation (if time allows)
    5:00pm Call To Refreshment – Close of Business Day

  • Saturday, April 21, 2018

    8:00am Registration opens
    9:00am Grand Lodge called to labor
    Grand Oration
    Credential Committee Report
    Proposed Legislation
    Election of Grand Lodge Officers
    12:00am Call To Refreshment – Lunch
    1:00pm 2018 GL Officers pictures / Installation practice immediate following
    2:30pm Installation of GL Officers
    7:00pm Installation and Awards Banquet – Open to All (6:00 pm social)

General Information: The 2018 Grand Communication of the Grand Lodge of Hawaii F&AM will be held from April 20th-21st in Honolulu, HI. Business Meetings and Installation will be held at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, while the Grand Installation & Awards Banquet will be held at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki.

Hotel accommodations: This year’s Installation & Awards Banquet will be held at the Hawaii Prince Hotel in Waikiki. For this reason the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki has been chosen as the headquarter hotel for this year’s annual communication.

Registration: Registration will open 2 hours before the start of each business session.

Credentials: Please make sure to have a current dues card and (if applicable) Lodge voting documentation ready when registering for your voting credentials. This will help to avoid confusion during registration time. Only 1 set of voting credentials will be issued per voter. If they are misplaced, no replacements will be issued.

Lost and Found: Please check with the Grand Secretary if anything has been lost or stolen.

Voting Protocol: There will be three (3) speakers for and three (3) speakers against allowed for each proposal. All speakers being allowed three (3) minutes each. Speakers will alternate between those for and those against. The proponent of a proposal will be allowed to speak on the proposal but will be one of the three (3) allowed. He may speak first or last as he chooses but should declare said choice at the beginning to insure an opportunity to speak. Voting for legislation will done collectively by Ballot Card. Cards will be collected at the end of voting and results will be announced Saturday night at the Grand Masters Banquet as well as sent to all Lodge Secretaries by Monday morning following the Annual Communication as well as posted on the Grand Lodge Web Site as soon as possible.